Clinical and Well-Being Services

Clinical and Well-Being Services

Our well-being and clinical model recognises that all the people we support are individuals. Our provision is tailored to meet their needs and wishes from their arrival and throughout their journey with us.

Well-being and clinical support is led by the Regional Heads of Children’s Clinical Services and delivered by a core team of clinicians including Clinical Psychologists, Education Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.

Regional well-being and clinical teams are poised to meet the needs of the children and young people. Additional support can also be accessed from other specialists within the wider well-being and clinical team across the group.

The flexibility of access to clinical services enables us to be responsive to any arising time-limited or changing needs of an individual throughout their placement with us.

Offering highly specialised assessment, consultation, reflective practice, supervision and bespoke training, the well-being and clinical team work directly with the care staff teams to develop a shared understanding of the children and young people, the resources and the interventions integral to good outcomes. Collaborative working ensures that we deliver the highest quality provision, which maximises each person’s quality of life and personal achievements.

Work is underway to universally measure children and young people’s adaptive functioning and their progress, over time, following care delivery. The aspirational well-being outcomes of the children and young people and their primary caregivers will be at the centre of care planning and delivery.

Outcomes First Group Well-being Rainbow

The Wellbeing Rainbow is a three-tiered model of support which informs the well-being and clinical offer and places well-being at the core of everything we do

Therapeutic Approach

Many of the children and young people living and learning with us have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), impacting their development.