Well-being Rainbow

Well-being Rainbow


The Wellbeing Rainbow is a three-tiered model of support which informs the well-being and clinical offer and places well-being at the core of everything we do. The three tiers follow a continuum of intensity support from Universal, Enhanced to Specialised.

For instance, at a universal level, every child or young person is supported by a care team trained in delivering a therapeutic parenting approach and adheres to each child or young person’s behaviour support and educational plans. This support is further complemented by members of the well-being and clinical team trained to deliver group-based interventions. Our enhanced support tier refers to our qualified health professionals who focus on increasing well-being through communication (Speech and Language Therapists), movement/environment (Occupational Therapists) and mental health (Psychologists and Psychotherapists). The specialised level consists of highly skilled clinicians supporting our children or young people’s well-being using evidence-based psychological intervention and holistic consultation.

Clinical and Well-Being Services

Our well-being and clinical model recognises that all the people we support are individuals. Our provision is tailored to meet their needs and wishes from their arrival and throughout their journey with us.

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Therapeutic Approach

Many of the children and young people living and learning with us have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), impacting their development.