Governance and Quality Assurance

Striving to be the best

At Acorn Education & Care we continually strive to provide the very best educational and residential care for children with complex needs. We look to measure our performance, review our practices and assess current legislation and best practice to improve the services we provide.

Our Quality Committee, overseen by an independent chairperson, meets quarterly to oversee, monitor, review and report on the quality of education and care services provided by Acorn Education & Care. The Quality Committee will also provide assurance to the Board that efficient and effective systems are in place and the associated processes are working well.

The Committee undertakes a number of roles with regard to governance and assurance. Amongst other activities the committee review the following:

  • The Group’s quality assurance policies and governance.
  • Quarterly quality assurance reports provided by the Executive Team.
  • Minutes from the Group’s Health and Safety Committee.
  • Actions proposed by the Executive Team to improve the quality of services or address issues.
  • Operational quality and safety performance and identify any issues and risks requiring discussion or decision by the Board.
  • Setting of quality improvement targets and the action plans put in place to achieve them, by reviewing the progress made against these targets and plans.
  • Externally commissioned reviews of quality and outcomes in the Group to support or improve the Executive Team’s responses and action plans.


The Quality Committee also takes a lead monitoring performance and implementing change by:

  • Highlighting risks and opportunities to improve practice across the Group.
  • Providing oversight and scrutiny of quality assurance activities, processes and outcomes across all divisions of the Group.
  • Supporting the Executive Team in shaping or trouble-shooting particular quality or outcome areas.
  • Drawing on the experience of individuals from outside the Group with relevant expertise if necessary
  • Review very specific issues as requested by the Board.