Residential Homes

Providing consistency, stability and opportunity

We deliver high quality, child-focused residential care placements for young people from the age of eight upwards within 19 homes across the UK. We offer residential care, shared care and after care support.

For many children our care homes are a positive and compelling choice. We build a strong safeguarding culture where they are listened to, respected and involved in as many decisions as possible. Our children are guided to make healthy choices, contribute positively to the world around them and enjoy as full a life as possible.

Our approach supports children to make a positive transition either back home or toward independent living. As such, after care is a vital continuation of the support we provide to young people and children through our homes. We consider the transition very carefully for each individual.

In addition to full-time placements, our shared care opportunities help to strengthen families, by giving them additional support, time off from caring responsibilities and new opportunities for children and young people to enjoy.

Every young person takes a different journey, so we are there as long as they need us.
We partner with a range of authorities, agencies and organisations to wrap care around the needs of our children and help them move toward a brighter future.


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