Poppy Lodge

Poppy Lodge

South Hampshire

Age Range: 10 – 18yrs
Gender: Boys
No. of Children: 7
Category: SEMH
Education: Jubilee School
Ofsted Rating: Good

Philosophy of Care

Poppy Lodge offers young people the opportunity to experience group living, in order for them to develop empathy and a sense of belonging. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where young people can make healthy attachments and positive relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Working with the young people to understand the importance of boundaries, structure and negotiation, we are particularly successful in preparing young people for independent living. We do this by the provision of firm, consistent boundaries, with high expectations of behaviour and by facilitating many learning and development opportunities.

We recognise the need for young people in these key developmental years to be given opportunities to learn and develop through experiential learning. The home is set up to practice and promote independence whilst having a robust support system in place should this be required.

Therapeutic Provision

Our therapeutic model recognises that all the people we support are individual and our provision is tailored to meet their needs and wishes from the point of admission and throughout their journey with us.

Clinical support is led by the Head of Clinical Services and is delivered by a core team of clinicians to include Clinical Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists.

Each service’s designated team will reflect the needs of the children and young people that live and learn within the schools and or homes, however additional support can also be accessed from other specialists within the wider Clinical Team. This enables us to be responsive to any newly identified, time limited or changing needs of an individual throughout their placement with us.

Offering highly specialised assessment, consultation, reflective practice supervision and bespoke training, the Clinical Team work directly with education and care staff teams to develop a shared understanding of the children, the resources and the practices needed. This ensures that we deliver the highest quality provision which maximises each person’s quality of life and personal achievements.

Within our specialist schools the clinicians aim to reduce potential barriers to learning and educational success by working directly with the children and young people in line with their ECHP recommendations.
Our evidence informed models are based on best practice guidance and are governed through the Outcomes First Governance Framework.


Education at our local DfE registered school is provided in a structured and caring environment and is planned to meet both academic and pastoral needs. We aim to give individual attention where required, but to also encourage all young people to be as independent as possible both in their learning and in their social and personal development. We believe education is a partnership between the children, home and the school


Poppy Lodge offers a range of outdoor activities aimed at rebuilding low self-esteem and enhancing positive self-image. The close proximity to the island beach, South Downs and the New Forest ensure plenty of activities are on offer including fishing, horse riding and mountain biking.

Referrals and Admissions

Our aim is to match the needs of each individual child placed in our care. Wherever possible admissions should be planned and involve all family and professionals so as to ensure each placement has the best possible start.

To make a referral please contact our Referrals Team.

Tel: 03458 727477
Email referrals@hillcrestcs.co.uk