The Bartons

The Bartons


Age Range: 8-18yrs
Gender: Boys
No. of Children: 8
Category: SEMH
Education: Park School
Ofsted Rating: Good

Philosophy of Care

Our Aim

The aim of The Bartons is to provide a home for children who present complex and challenging behaviour due to their early traumatic life experiences, including patterns of missing from care episodes, attachment disorders, non-school attendance, anti-social behaviours.

Our Belief

We believe that all children, deserve the highest standard of physical and emotional care, stability, and consistency, structure and clear appropriate boundaries. We aim to help children build resilience to cope with challenges and difficulties to help them reach their full potential.

Our Ethos

The ethos of The Bartons is to offer a homely and welcoming environment where a child can thrive and grow, with a therapeutic approach to the work within a familial style atmosphere.  There is a strong emphasis upon establishing a secure base from which the child can experience a close relationship with their identified keyworker as a primary care provider.  This is undertaken within a safe environment where a child can test authority and have appropriate boundaries and controls on their behaviour.

Therapeutic Provision

Residential Care at SEMH (Oxfordshire) is fully supported by a Clinical Team that provides individual therapy for the children in our care alongside ongoing staff training and consultation.

Members of the Clinical Team receive supervision from the Clinical Lead and /or from an appropriately qualified external professional. The Clinical Lead receives supervision from the Head of Clinical Services.

Each child/young person has an allocated therapist and each home has an allocated Clinical Team member who attends weekly to fortnightly team meetings and additional meetings as needed.

Every child/young person has an initial clinical plan which is devised within the first 4 weeks in placement which outlines an initial formulation of the child, intervention strategies and identified team needs which are then reviewed, amended and addressed in subsequent team meetings and training sessions.  Clinical Plans are kept on the child/young person’s individual file within the home. Further to this, a comprehensive Psychological assessment will be completed within 16 weeks of the child/young person’s arrival in placement which will include baseline psychometric measures of their current presentation. These measures are repeated on a 6 monthly basis and results analysed, discussed and reported upon within the child/young person’s review and planning meetings.  The 16 week assessment will also include a more comprehensive clinical plan which will be reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis.  The ongoing administering of psychometric measures helps to identify change and growth within the individual child /young person and to monitor the effectiveness of the service delivery. Information gathered will inform a review of the child/young person’s clinical plan, risk assessment and behaviour support plans.   All documents are held within the child/young person’s file or for those where this would be inappropriate, they can be accessed via the Clinician assigned to the home.

The core practice model for understanding the children and children in the care of SEMH is the complex trauma model. This model ensures the needs of the children/young people are addressed in a holistic manner and considers each child/young person’s presenting needs and strengths. Staff are experienced, trained and supported on an on-going basis to help them work with traumatised children with a variety of presenting difficulties.

Initially when a child moves into placement the priority is on establishing a sense of safety and containment for the child in a nurturing environment. The residential care workers in the home are encouraged to consider how the child may view themselves, the world and those around them (their internal working model) in order to interpret, manage and contain behaviours that may emerge. They utilise the principles of therapeutic parenting and PACE (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) to understand and interact with the children, ensuring they remain empathic of the child regardless of any challenges they may present.


Education is provided at nearby Park School, which is fully Ofsted registered school which caters for both boys and girls from 7 – 18 yrs old. The school is currently rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’.

Park School offers differentiated individual learning programmes covering the full National Curriculum and is a Registered Exam Centre. The school has successfully reintegrated many young people back into mainstream schooling, and assisted with external vocational college placements where appropriate.


Oxfordshire has a vast opportunity and a wide range of activities that children can become involved in. This ranges from local community events to exploring the adventurous countryside and surrounding area. This includes activities such as overnight fishing, bonfire nights (local and afar), country fetes, car festivals, cycling and many more. There is a large number of local towns such as Banbury, Bicester and Witney where cinema trips, clothes shopping, leisure facilities and the occasional live football matches take place. And if this is enjoyed then the opportunity for travelling further afield can be organised, The Barton’s previously visited Manchester and Birmingham.  During the Easter and Summer Holidays The Barton’s go on holiday as a group, some of the most recent destinations include Camping/Outdoor trips to Wales & Activity Holidays (JCA Activity Centre e.g. Abseiling, Climbing, Watersports).

Children may also express a desire to pursue individual hobbies and interests via key-working sessions. Currently, we have access and close links to, Oxfordshire fire service, Army Cadet Forces and a local equine centre for horse riding and equine related work experience. Previously children have played for local football, rugby and cricket teams and attend swimming lessons, gymnastics and trampoline classes.

Promoting Independence

The Bartons has an on-site purpose built, fully self-contained flat, used to comprehensively prepare all of our young people for independent living when they leave care. This process starts as soon as they arrive with us, regardless of age.

Referrals and Admissions

Our aim is to match the needs of each individual child placed in our care. Wherever possible admissions should be planned and involve all family and professionals so as to ensure each placement has the best possible start.

To make a referral please contact our Referrals Team.

Tel: 03458 727477