Local Authorities

Close partnership with local authorities

Fostering and LAs

At Outcomes First Group, we have the largest population of foster parents in the UK, affording us the position to offer the widest possible options for successfully matching children and young people to nurturing fostering homes, while also allowing us to keep them as close to their home communities as possible.

As an established expert in fostering, Outcomes First Group has the ability to provide the widest range of placements to support the often unique, changing and varying degrees of need of children in care.  This expertise extends to the provision of quality fostering placement solutions for individual children, sibling groups, placements for parent and child with or without an assessment and same day, emergency or long term matched placements.

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We also offer specialist placements, which are often therapeutically focused on the more challenging to place children and young people, including those with complex disabilities and significant health needs. We were the first independent fostering agency to provide The Fostering Networks Mockingbird Family Model and have a long and successful history delivering our innovative Bridge to Foster, step down from residential service in many parts of the UK for a number of years.

We improve the quality of foster care for every child we look after, monitoring and managing each child’s fostering placement and individually tailoring every care plan.  We work hard to demonstrate the real impact of the foster care we provide, keeping a detailed placement file for every child and recording the outcomes delivered by every fostering placement.

Education and LAs

Outcomes First Group are specialists in working with vulnerable people who have very complex behavioural, emotional, social, learning or physical needs and very often a combination of these.  Through our estate of independent day and residential special schools across the country, we provide unique learning environments and education for people with additional needs.

Our schools provide structured, nurturing and safe learning settings where pupils can access a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum to meet their significant needs.  Our schools fall broadly into two categories; those that care for pupils who experience social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) challenges, and those offering specialist care and education for individuals on the autistic spectrum (ASC), usually combined with other learning difficulties.

We invest in the very best staff, facilities and equipment, sharing learning and best practice across our schools.  Our staff is enabled to do what they do best, which is enhancing the daily lives of the the individuals they educate and care for.

Our aim is simple; to work with the those entrusted to us to help them achieve their potential and make their way in the world. Our expert teachers, support workers and specialists work within designated environments tailored towards ensuring students make progressive improvements.

We monitor the progress of our students very carefully, making adjustments to individual development plans as needed, empowering them to achieve their potential.

Residential and LAs

Outcomes First Group delivers high quality, residential placements for children and young people.  We are committed to building care and support around each child and young person unique situation and individual circumstances.

Our homes are large enough to give the space and privacy needed with a low child / young person  to carer ratio, ensuring they are never crowded and are based in safe communities with good transport links and amenities.  With appropriate boundaries in place, we nurture a spirit of independence, respect and courtesy within our homes and encourage personal expression and individuality without fear or judgment.

Whilst in our care, we consider ourselves to be advocates and champions for our children and young people and from the moment they are placed with us, we put their best interests at the centre of everything we do.  We take the lead involving the relevant agencies, authorities and organisations needed to ensure they are able to make steps towards achieving the best possible outcomes; growing, learning and building resilience.