Speech and Language Therapy team

What We Do

Speech and language therapists play an important role in supporting schools to meet the needs of children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and in supporting good practice across universal, enhanced and specialist approaches.

SLTs play a key role in diagnosis of children with different speech, language and communication needs. All children need environments which support development of speech, language and communication skills; this can make a difference for typically developing children as well as those with SLCN.

Speech and language therapists are key partners for schools/local authorities where they can:

  • Support senior leaders to ensure communication-supportive practice throughout their school or setting and support long-term planning for children with SLCN.
  • Provide assessment, including screening or more specific assessment of individuals to determine specific areas of need and strategies to support development.
  • Input to formal assessment processes for children who have long-term SLCN and who may need a statement of special educational needs.
  • Provide workforce development, including training, coaching and modelling support for other adults.
  • Deliver programmes for specific groups or individuals.
  • Work closely with families and other professionals.
  • Support good practice in the classroom.
  • Work with others to support targeted interventions and support for children.
  • Play a vital role in working directly with the child with specific SLCN as well as support the teachers and teaching assistants to differentiate the curriculum appropriately, and provide necessary training.

About the team:

Paula Walker – Wellbeing and Clinical Lead & SALT

Emma Brassington -Owens – Specialist SALT

Niamh Aryton – SALT

Rubana Khatun – SALT

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