Acorn Digital Learning, part of Outcomes First Group, shortlisted as a finalist for an Education Investor Award

Outcomes First Group have been shortlisted for an Education Investor Award in the category ‘Private Education Group of the Year’.

The Education Investor Awards are presented to organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to education in 2019-20, with a view to promoting excellence and recognising innovation in the private education sector.

The award shortlisting, specifically relates to Acorn Digital Learning (ADL), part of the Acorn Education division at Outcomes First Group. Acorn Digital Learning is dedicated to transforming vulnerable children and young people’s lives by providing high quality, cost-effective and innovative real-time online teaching to those who require an alternative learning environment. This may be children who are without access to a school setting, unable to attend school for behaviour, mental health or complex learning needs or who may find a physical school environment overwhelming.

Since launching in September 2019, ADL has reintegrated 96% of vulnerable students back into schools and educational placements and become a solid platform to support those we educate through the unprecedented lockdown period.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Acorn Digital Learning was successfully utilised by every specialist school across Outcomes First Group, delivering 8,360 teaching sessions, training 784 teachers, registering 1,800 pupils in 3 days and providing 85% of our students with live online teaching sessions on at least 3 days each week.

Acorn Digital Learning is a unique online learning provision which provides access anywhere to learning and collaboration, adapting to the needs of an individual and improving stability in education.

The virtual awards ceremony will take place on 3rd December – we wish the team good luck.

More information on the awards can be found here.