South Hampshire

Age Range: 7-18 years
Gender: Boys & Girls
No. of Children: 14
Category: SEMH
Education: Jubilee School
Ofsted Rating: Good

Philosophy of Care

It is our belief that all children are entitled to a high standard of care and a plethora of positive childhood memories. We facilitate this by providing a physically and emotionally safe environment, which is friendly and homely.

Our environment also contains consistency and stability, structure and clear boundaries, allowing children to form a sense of who they are, confidence and self-worth, all from a safe and secure base. It is our aim to support and encourage children to achieve their full potential in all areas, and if appropriate return to live in a family setting to continue their childhood.

Denmead specialises in providing help and support to children who have often experienced a fragmented education and exhibit behavioural difficulties as a result of past emotional and or physical trauma.

Therapeutic Provision

Our practice is informed with a focus on attachment theory. The core values of the home are influenced by Dr Dan Hughes model of attachment focused caring using PACE. PACE is a way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to make the young person feel safe. It is based upon how parents connect with their very young infants. As with young toddlers, with safety the young person can begin to explore.


This is about creating an atmosphere of lightness and interest when you communicate.


Unconditional acceptance is at the core of the young person’s sense of safety.


Curiosity, without judgement, is how we help young girls become aware of their inner life, reflect upon the reasons for their behaviour, and then communicate it to their parents or therapist. Curiosity is wondering about the meaning behind the behaviour for the young person. Curiosity lets the young person know that the adults understand.


Empathy lets the young person feel the adult’s compassion for them. Being empathic means the adult actively showing the young person that the young person’s inner life is important to the adult and he or she wants to be with the young person in their hard times.

Work at Denmead is overseen by the Registered Manager and management team who have a wealth of experience. Our therapeutic environment provides consistency and stability, structure and clear boundaries, allowing young girls to form a sense of who they are, confidence and self-worth, all from a safe and secure base.

The practice is supported by a Consultant Psychologist and Psychotherapists. Therapeutic provision can include Counselling, Art Therapy, Play Therapy and Music Interaction to reinforce the Hillcrest philosophy of providing a more therapeutic approach to child care.


Education is provided at Jubilee School, registered with the DfE and rated Outstanding by Ofsted, catering for children aged 8-16yrs. Education is provided in a structured and caring environment and planned to meet both academic and pastoral needs of the children.

In addition the home has developed good working relationships with local mainstream schools.


Denmead offers plenty of outdoor activities which are aimed at rebuilding low self-esteem and enhancing positive self-image. The home offers a wide range of activities on and off site. Staff plan recreational activities with young girls as part of daily living which can include swimming, dance, judo, sailing, rock climbing, camping, horse riding and canoeing.

Referrals and Admissions

Our aim is to match the needs of each individual child placed in our care. Wherever possible admissions should be planned and involve all family and professionals so as to ensure each placement has the best possible start.

To make a referral please contact our Referrals Team.

Tel: 03458 727477