Amazing success for Results Day 2023

Well done to all Acorn students and staff on an amazing set of qualifications achieved this year.

The students who have received their results in any formal qualification or award this year have shown great resiliency in their commitment to learning and therefore have achieved some exceptional outcomes:

  • Acorn students achieved a total of 536 GCSEs (an increase from the 417 last year) in a wide variety of subjects with two top 9 grades achieved in English Language and in Fine Art.
  • An additional total of 641 Functional Skills Qualifications were achieved – predominantly in English and Maths, but also including ICT and Science – at Levels 1,2 and 3.
  • In addition, a range of 381 qualifications were achieved, with a 100% Pass Rate, at pre-entry and Entry Level, including a wide range of BTECS, AQA Units, ASDAN Awards and Duke of Edinburgh.  The most successful subjects included Sport and Fitness, Motor Vehicle, Art, Vocational Studies, Home Cooking, Science, Geography, Further Learning and Employment and the ASDAN Gold Award.
  • There was also an incredible A-level Success with a student gaining a Grade B in A Level Business Studies.

This full range of additional qualifications means that every student has been able to succeed and achieve a portfolio of qualifications relevant to their skills, interests and future plans. Many of our students start at an Acorn school having been out of education for some time or having huge gaps in their learning journeys. Often, they have very negative views of schooling and low self-confidence about their ability to learn and achieve. Our job is to help build back up their confidence in all areas of their life and development, whilst delivering the formal education they deserve. With that in mind, results days always create a great chance to pause and celebrate the hard work of everyone involved: our students, our staff, parents, and carers. However, it is also a chance to celebrate not only the formal qualifications but also all the other ways that young people have developed during their time with us and the huge progress they have made towards their next steps.

Red Moor School in mid-Cornwall had 4 Year 11s this year who all did exceptionally well and achieved great outcomes.

Here is one pupil pictured opening his results with Laura Horne, Headteacher.

Laura commented: “As a school we are delighted. For so many of these boys, the thought of taking an exam was more than they could comprehend when they joined us, and to have had them all sit and get marks in every exam is a huge achievement. They are all incredibly excited about taking the next steps in their journey, and for them to have all secured a college placement they are looking forward to, and for them to feel ready to go is also reflective of the hard work and dedication of the staff at the school and the boys in getting themselves ready for those next steps.”

There was also an amazing outcome at The Grange Therapeutic School. Pupil, KR, achieved a Grade 9 in GCSE Fine Art, along with top grades in English Language, English Literature, Maths and History.

The school is exceptionally proud of KR, and we see her going on to do great things in the future.

We are so proud of all our students, and we wish our leavers a fond farewell and best wishes for their future endeavours.