How a Specialist Curriculum Supports Pupils with SEN to Achieve Success

At the heart of high-quality education is a curriculum which is structured and supportive yet is designed to meet the needs of each pupil. This is particularly important for neurodiverse individuals, who can have multiple, complex, or co-occurring needs.

The challenge that we rise to is providing an education which is broad, balanced and meets each of our pupils’ diverse needs and passions.

We do that by developing communication, social and life skills, coupled with academic achievement. This is backed up by excellent adult-to-pupil ratios, enabling a high level of support at all times. We regularly offer unique in-school learning experiences such as animal care, horticulture, hairdressing, or mechanics to enable pupils to explore possible future jobs.

At each of our schools, the curriculum on offer to our pupils is bespoke and is underpinned by the values of Outcomes First Group. The result is that our schools provide an education which can transform a child’s life, leading to an engaged, positive and happy adult equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live a full, rewarding existence.

For us, this goes much further than academic achievement. We want our pupils to leave us with good social skills and emotional resilience, and a bespoke curriculum helps us achieve that.

A key part of that approach means encouraging those we support to foster healthy and positive relationships so they can have full social interaction with others and form friendships and bonds which last a lifetime.

Our teams of highly skilled staff and clinicians work closely with parents, families, carers and pupils to best ensure that the individual becomes as independent as possible.

Ultimately, the curriculum helps pupils to be prepared and equipped for life in modern Britain, whatever their hopes and aspirations, be it going on to Further Education, transitioning to employment, or another avenue completely. Whatever they want to achieve, the curriculum helps them get there.

Bespoke Careers Pathways

Our careers guidance is tailored to meet the specific needs of our pupils. Each of our expert careers advisers gives pupils the opportunity to explore the wide range of qualifications available in preparation for their future.

As well as obtaining vital work experience, pupils are supported on a one-to-one basis in a relaxed and welcoming setting – all of which offer a pathway to preparing for the best possible future.

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