Trauma Informed Practice TOP TIPS

By the Lived Experience Expert Group

We asked our group of adults and young people – ‘what made or what could have made a difference during your lived experience of trauma?’

This is what they wanted you to know!

See and Hear Me

‘Listen to what I am saying, help me reflect and validate and make sense of me and my experiences’

Hear my silence

‘You might need to dig deeper to encourage me to trust you and reach out to you’

See Beyond my Behaviour

‘It might not be telling you the full story or it might be telling you a different story’.

Ask Brave Questions

Such as ‘do you ever feel like hurting yourself?’ If the thoughts are there, they are there!

Take me Seriously

‘Make sure I am heard and you involve who you need to, so I can get the help I need’

Be curious

‘Think what has happened to me, rather than what is wrong with me?’

Be playful

‘Find fun ways to do things, you can create fun out of anything’

Be patient

‘Meet me when I am ready… I might not be ready when you are’

Connect and spent time with me regularly

‘This lets me know and reminds me you care – the smallest things are often the biggest things.’

Recognise and celebrate my uniqueness

‘A one size fits all does not work, I need a way that works for me’

Don’t talk about me in front of me

‘What might seem little comments can have a huge and lasting impact on me and my future’

Champion me and help me believe in myself

‘I need to be reminded of my potential regularly as I don’t believe it!’

I need different types of support

‘I might need different places to reach out to when I feel alone. Knowing about online and text services are important for me too

I need to be understood

‘Do those supporting me know what to look out for or how to encourage me?

Expectations might need refining

‘I cannot learn if I don’t feel ok. Be patient and help me feel safe and trusting first and I’ll get there’

Be firm and fair

‘If there are no boundaries, it would end up crazy’

I need everyone to work together for me

‘Everyone holds a different jigsaw piece for my whole jigsaw’

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Trauma Informed Practice