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“I have not won the lottery by my child being here, it is bigger than that. The Grange has literally saved my child’s life.”

Kirsty, Oscars Mum (June 2022)

Oscar was diagnosed with ASD in 2017, aged 10. His mental health deteriorated during his time at secondary school, leading to dark thoughts, self-harm, and suicide attempts. Oscar was referred to CAMHS in June 2020, where he received support from a psychiatrist and began seeing a paediatrician who prescribed Oscar anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. Unfortunately, Oscar’s mental health continued to decline leading to an increase in medication and his admittance to a mental health hospital in 2021.

Prior to Oscar’s decline in mental health, he was an active young person who enjoyed martial arts, gym sessions and playing his guitar. However, as his mental health declined his love for these activities declined too.

In March 2022, Oscar joined The Grange in a residential placement (The Manor) and accessed education immediately following his induction. His life has been changed ever since…

March 2022

Oscar Joined the Grange in a residential placement (The Manor) and accessed education immediately following his induction. A designated Keyworker was assigned to Oscar in the residential home, the keyworker built a rapport with Oscar and began implementing activities that Oscar enjoyed such as gym and music. Due to the significant risk of self-harm, Oscar was on constant observation.

Oscar started to build positive relationships with his peers and the team who work closely with him. He engages well in all education and activities such as boxing, gym and independent travel. Oscar’s observations start to reduce, and his mental health starts to improve.

February 2023

Oscar expresses an interest in remaining at the Grange for post 16 and discussions begin.

March 2023

Oscar is deep in preparation for his GCSE exams with support from education and care colleagues.

May 2023

Most year 11s began their exam leave. Unstructured time can be difficult for Oscar, so for extra support for him and his family, he remained at the Manor during the week and engaged in health and fitness sessions, and work experience at a local gym. Oscar received gleaming reports from the gym owner saying that he would happily recruit Oscar full-time once he was finished with his studies.

August 2023

Oscar’s place was officially accepted for post 16 and he has received his exam results:

  • English – step up to English Entry 3
  • Maths – Functional Skills L1, Entry Level 3
  • Science – Open Awards Level 1
  • ASDAN – Foodwise Short course 4 Credits

“The change in Oscar is one of the most dramatic I have seen during my career. In under a year, Oscar has progressed from a high self-harm and ligature risk to a fun-loving, active and mature young man who is focused on achieving his GCSEs and building a future for himself in the construction industry”

Will Law, Home Manager

Sept 2023

Oscar has returned to school in a positive frame of mind. He has begun his post 16 curriculum including Construction, Maths, and Health & Fitness. Oscar continues to work hard in his sessions and the school team says he is a pleasure to teach.

October 2023

Oscar is envious of his friends who have part-time jobs and are earning money. The care team helps Oscar to write a CV and look for part time work. This has been successful, and Oscar is currently having trial shifts and a local fish and chip shop.

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